Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

  • Course level: All Levels



  1. Understanding the principle of applying governance in organizations.
  2. Knowledge of risk management tools and risk assessment methods.
  3. Knowing the duties and tasks required of the commitment employee.
  4. Understanding the application of regulations issued by the regulatory authorities in the Kingdom to all procedures within the Compliance, Risk and Governance Department.
  5. Skills of evaluating the performance of the commitment of all members of the organization.


  1. Tools for applying governance and maintaining organizations.
  2. International standards of governance in organizations.
  3. Monitoring and reviewing risk management.
  4. The basic principles of ISO 31000 risk management standards.
  5. Indicators of money laundering operations.
  6. Duties and responsibilities of the compliance officer
  7. Studying the regulations in the system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  8. Practical applications and international experiences