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Small tutorial groups and individual support is the formula for success at Rhein Neckar College. Outstanding facilities and a focus on modern and pioneering courses – embark on a successful professional career here.



study packages for each stage of your training and career

Studying is based, now as before, on classic full-time attendance courses. However, we have developed tailor-made forms of study around this for every stage of your training and career.

Collaboration and networks extending far beyond the economic region of Rhein-Neckar

Rhein Neckar College is the contact for industry, agriculture, and trade in many of the latest technology and process sectors. Research and business are successfully linked to each other in common projects and as business partners for innovative and technological advice.

Thinking and acting on an international scale

In the age of global networking, it is crucial to think and act on an international scale. This is the basis of our teaching. International collaboration also provides for work experience overseas, as well as the exchange of lecturers and students. Most of courses are taught completely in English.
We take our social research assignments and lectureships very seriously, not just for the economic region of Rhein-Neckar but more so for the people who work, study, and live here.
Rhein Neckar College is you bridge to the bright future!

where you can find us



 Our institution is in Mannheim city. Depending on the   study or training program the location of course may   change. On this website, location specific information can   be accessed.
 The area we are situated in, is called Rhein-Neckar. It is   situated in the diversified province Baden-Wurttemberg,   about 45 minutes’ drive from Frankfurt Airport. It is home   to a wide range of successful companies, universities, and   research facilities. Located on the connection of two rivers   Rhein and Neckar and among three west-central states   Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse and Rhineland-Pfalz, it offers   numerous possibilities for exploring either big cities like   Frankfurt and Stuttgart as well as other EU countries like   France or Belgium or the many recreational possibilities of   the beautiful countryside.
 While the city we are located in is main city and easy to   find your way around, the public transport connections   are very good. To make sure you have no trouble finding   us, please click the location map.