Governance Applications in Public Sector Organizations and Civil Society Institutions (Certified Governance Specialist)

  • Course level: All Levels



  1. The trainee will be able to understand governance and its main principles.
  2. Achieving the basics of successful governance inside the organization.
  3. Preserving the rights of the beneficiaries of the provided services.
  4. Staying updated with the international trends of fighting against corruption within organizations.
  5. Familiarity with the rules of disclosure, transparency and accountability within the organization.
  6. Realizing the role of relations with stakeholders inside the organization.
  7. Getting familiar with the international standards in applying governance inside the organization.
  8. Understanding the role of the risk, rewards, nominations and revision committee in achieving governance.
  9. Educating employees of effective skills to be able to perform the general tasks.
  10. Getting familiar with the measurement indicators of governance inside the organization.


  1. The concept, objectives and principles of governance.
  2. The elements and foundations of applying governance in the public sector.
  3. Preventing the exploitation of the public office and analyzing the governmental procedures.
  4. Understanding the global trends in combating corruption in the public sector and starting to set accountability.
  5. Showing the leaderships efficiency in applying governance while demonstrating the principles of honesty and transparency.
  6. Determinants of governance in the public sector.
  7. The role of total quality management in implementing governance in the public sector.
  8. International standards in applying governance inside the public sector.
  9. Managing the internal supervision on procedures and policies of governance success.
  10. Governance is a tool for the effectiveness of the public sector
  11. Standards and indicators of governance in the public sector.
  12. Practical models and international applications of governance in the public sector.